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SB 440 The Student Transfer Acheivement Reform Act (STAR)

SB 440 is an important transfer reform follow-up bill that will ensure the historic promise of SB 1440 (2010 -Padilla), which is to provide a simplified statewide transfer pathway from California Community Colleges to the California State University.  Specifically, SB 440 expands the provisions of the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR) to require that the California Community Colleges (CCC) create associate transfer degrees in every major, and in areas of emphasis within majors, and to require that the California State University (CSU) accept these degrees, and develop an admissions redirection process for students who complete these degrees but are denied admission to the CSU campus to which they have applied. This bill also requires the CCC and the CSU to establish a student-centered communication and marketing strategy to increase the visibility of the associate degree for transfer pathway.

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