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The Affordable Care Act is making a tremendous effect on Latina women and their health. Under the act millions of Latinas will be able to access healthcare. The following are 2 stories of Latina women working towards educating other Latinas on the need and importance of healthcare.
Lupita Lopez' story about her mother is not uncommon. In California, 9% of Latinas suffer from diabetes, while 20% are also uninsured. HOPE cannot find the cure to end illnesses plaguing the Latino community, but we can continue training and educating our Latina community leaders with your help.

Lillian Romero Gomez co-founded Baker, Romero & Associates in 1986, catering to the insurance needs of social service organizations. Her approach in working with clients is to focus on the human side of doing business and to provide a high standard of professional service at an affordable price. With her extensive insurance knowledge, she has developed strong business relationships with many of the leading insurance carriers in California allowing for a broader range of service to her clients.
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