2014 Legislative Platform

Below you will find a detailed list of bills that HOPE has taken a supportive position on for the 2014 Legislative cycle. HOPE is an advocacy organization whose platform promotes the advancement of Latinas in the State of California. HOPE’s engagement in advocacy is closely tied with the issues of: Civic Participation, Economic Empowerment, Education and Health Care. Hope strongly believes if these issues are met, our community as a whole will improve. The HOPE Board has decided to review all healthcare bills that are associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and analyze them to ensure the needs of Latinas are considered and met prior to enacting the bills into law. This information will be shared using HOPE.ACT.VOTE - an innovative online advocacy center that aims to connect over 1.6 million Latina registered voters with groundbreaking information, message boards, and advocacy tools to advance legislation impacting Latinas in the areas of education, health care, and increase economic and civic empowerment.


Bill #







SB 1005 will expand access to health care coverage for all Californians, regardless of immigration status. This bill will authorize enrollment in the Medi-Cal program, or insurance offered through a separate new health benefit exchange, to individuals who would otherwise qualify for enrollment in those programs but are denied based on their immigration status.




Renames thePublic School Health Center Support Programthe School-Based Health and Education Partnership Program and makes changes to the requirements and funding levels. Creates a new type of grant to fund interventions related to obesity, asthma, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental health. More specifically this bill:

1. Renames the PSHCSP, the School-Based Health and Education Partnership Program (SBHEPP).

2. Changes the sustainability grant amount from between $25,000 and $125,000 per year for a three year period to between $50,000 and $100,000 on a one time basis. Deletes the requirement that these funds be used for operating or enhancing programming to include oral health or mental health and instead requires that the grant be used to develop new and leveraging existing funding streams to support a sustainable funding model for SBHC’s.

3. Creates a new grant category, population health grant, for amounts between $50,000 and $125,000 for a period of three years to fund interventions to implement population health outcomes and target specific health or education risk factors, including but not limited to: obesity prevention programs, asthma prevention, early intervention for mental health and alcohol and substance abuse prevention.

4. Adds requirements for grantees to strive to address the population health of an entire school by focusing on prevention services.

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